Hardware as a service designed for in-space mobility

What is it?

A new pricing model that radically lowers the financial barriers of entry into the industry by offering the hardware available on the Gateway platform in the form of a subscription.

The old way

Satellite hardware components are very expensive and can block many businesses to enter the industry. As buyers want to minimize risk of failure, they further add to the costs by asking for overly exaggerated testing and qualification campaigns.

The Morpheus way

We are introducing, Sphere Safe, a new pricing model for satellite components in the form of a monthly subscription, with additional usage-based options.

Sphere Safe is…

owering upfront costs of satellite components by up to 100x.

making innovation attractive again in an industry that is lagging 2 decades behind state-of-the-art.

made available to third-party suppliers, who can integrate their products into our pipeline, and exploit our ecosystem and its many advantages for themselves.