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GO-Multi is part of Sphere GO

In-space mobility first requires next-gen propulsion systems.


The GO-Multi design lies at the forefront of propulsion technology. We created this unique system for satellite missions with challenging delta-V and precise thrust vector control requirements. The GO-Multi is already helping satellites maneuver with highly complex 3D thrust profiles to fulfill demanding mission challenges using independent thrust sources.

Our technology doesn’t need any valves, actuators, large tanks, pipes or expensive propellants. It also doesn’t generate excessive heat, interfering magnetic or electromagnetic fields.


Compared to other propulsion systems, GO-Multi can generate the most complex 3D thrust profiles on the market independent of the magnitude.


Our customers can easily obtain a propulsion system that fits their requirements without dedicated system designs.

We deliver plug-and-play systems that always include:

- thruster modules

- CNT-based neutralizers

- power supply

- control electronics

- control firmware

In an easy to integrate package.

Dynamic Thrust Range

1 μN - 12.5 mN

Specific Impulse

over 7,000s

Total Impulse Range

0.9 - 575 kNs

Total System Power

0.4 - 1,090 W

Total System Mass (wet)

0.3 - 27.6 kg

We deliver plug-and-play systems:

- thruster modules

- CNT-based neutralizers

- power supply

- control electronics

- control firmware

In a ready to integrate package.


We are disrupting the current status-quo where dedicated designs are necessary for the propulsion system of each satellite category. From below 1 kg to over 1000 kg satellites, our propulsion modules cover the widest market and unlock the benefits of cost-efficient mass production.


With modular systems that leverage a next-generation, low-melting, proprietary metallic propellant, all of the systems’ components are optimized to deliver the best propulsion performance for the least amount of space, mass and necessary electrical power.

Devkit available

In order to make it easy for our customers to integrate our propulsion systems into their satellite designs, we provide a development kit, that simulates the mechanical electrical and software characteristics of the ordered propulsion system. This way integration and testing can happen without the need for vacuum chambers.