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Flow AI

Enabling dynamic constellation geometries and operations

What is it?

Flow AI is a mission design software that enables constellations to become ever changing to fulfill dynamic objectives

The old way

The orbits for satellite networks are designed well before their mission begins. This approach limits businesses to access only those opportunities that have been foreseen years before any profit is realized.

The Morpheus way

We are enabling the concept of Dynamic Constellations: Satellite missions can reach profitability much faster and can adapt to changing market needs by being able to shift orbits in a precisely orchestrated way.

Sphere Flow AI is fusing networked satellites into a single, easy to manage entity and enables constellation-wide dynamic reconfigurations.

It is a software-as-a-service solution operated on ground servers. The output of it is a set of maneuver instructions that the satellites and our propulsion systems can understand and execute.